April 20th, 2013



Did I hear that right? Did they really put Boston on lockdown? A whole city? Something like a million people?  And all for one man? Tell me I heard wrong. Tell me it was just a district- a neighbourhood.

No. I got it right. I checked. It was the whole fucking city.

How does this happen?  There's a bombing followed by a gun-fight and a whole city retreats behind locked doors? It's disproportionate.  But it's that word "terror", isn't it? It makes us all a little crazy. A punk kid with a gun is just a punk kid with a gun until we learn that his motive is "political" and then, suddenly, he casts a giant shadow. They wouldn't shut down a city for  a crazed gang-banger or a spree-killer. Or would they? Perhaps after this, they would. Because now they know they can.

The cops must be amazed at their own success. They tell a population, "You've got to stay inside. You can't go to work. You can't take your kids to school. You can't take a stroll in the park." And nobody demurs. Nobody- in a population of a million- tells them to go take a hike. Don't you think that's a little frightening?. Who knew it was that easy to create a police state?

A couple of bombs go off. And everyone loses their cool. The Governor and police over-step their authority, the populace responds with docility- so handing those those two punk kids exactly what they wanted.  And more. They planned to create a little mayhem. And look what happened: they paralyzed an entire city. Does Kabul go into lockdown every time a car bomb takes out a market-place? Does Baghdad? People in the Middle-East must look at us Westerners and think, "God, but they're soft!"

A Propos Rolf

And now lets talk about Rolf.

I'd assumed there had to be a super injunction in place. I mean, why else would the ravenous gutter press refrain from naming him? But, no, apparently not. It was just his lawyers issuing threats.

We habitues of the Internet knew it was him, of course. Guido Fawkes named him at the offset- and a lot of other people picked up. It's a weird world we live in right now where there are all these closely guarded secrets that aren't secrets at all.  The Internet has changed the game- and the mainstream media and the politicians and the lawyers are floundering. The Sun called its Rolf story a "World Exclusive" but surely the World Exclusive was claimed by Guido- several months ago?

Which brings us to Rocks Lane. We habitues of the Internet know who the suspects are. So does David Cameron because he was handed a list in front of the TV cameras.  And yet the world wags on and the suspects continue to lead their very important lives as if we were still living in a world where information only exists if it has appeared in newsprint.