April 5th, 2013


A Little Milder

It was very cold yesterday and the last dibs and dabs of fallen snow were hanging on in shady places. They've all gone now (I just went out to check) and the air feels warmer.

I was reading an article a couple of days back which said this unseasonable weather is due to the jet stream- which carries warm air northwards from the tropics- wobbling off course. If it were to shut down completely (which is something that could happen) Britain and France would enjoy a climate similar to northern Canada's.

My Guess- As Good As Anybody's

Kim Jong-un may be an idiot but I can't believe everyone around him is. My guess is he's being egged on in his suicidal belligerence by comrades who want to create an excuse to depose him.  As things are going he'll either get a bloody nose or be forced to back down and then those around him, deeply lamenting, will have to step in and get rid of him  "for the good of the nation". When you've created a personality cult as big as that surrounding the Kim family you have to go to extreme lengths to discredit and then demolish it.

Perfect Posture

Anyone else remember the following rhyme? It was drummed into me in the 1950s by a lady who had it drummed into her in the 1920s. It goes to the tune of Frere Jacques:

Perfect posture, perfect posture,
Do not stoop, do not stoop.
You must grow up handsome, You must grow up handsome.
Mind that hump, mind that hump.

Hateful ain't it?

Dot's new neck brace brought it to mind. I tried the thing on myself and it turned me into Mr Gladstone.

Saving The Bee

"Dear Craftyailz

Thanks to your help there is renewed hope for the bee"

No, one mustn't laugh. The plight of the bee is a serious matter. They're dying out- most probably because of the neonicotinoid fertilizers the EU (in its wisdom) has just decided not to ban.

What we've done to give the bee renewed hope is plant some phacelia seeds supplied to us- for free- by The Soil Association. Bees love phacelia.