March 23rd, 2013


More Wind, More Snow

Another windy night. I dreamed I was standing at first light on the edge of a city in the desert- sections of which- whole streets and neighbourhoods- were being shifted around on wheels. My companion said she could understand people wanting to move out from the inner city to the suburbs.

The snow this morning is an inch or two deep and has drifted against the bottoms of the windows.

Never Talk Metaphysics With A Journalist

Our culture is relentlessly and cruelly materialist. You really don't want to let it be known you hold with fairies or reincarnation or anything like that- and especially not if you happen to have any sort of public profile.

We come from no place, we go to no place. Charles Darwin rules. "They give birth above a grave" and so on. Stick to that and you're safe. Diverge from the orthodoxy and they'll skin you alive.

William Roache- who I think of as a bit of a twit- allowed an interview to get out of hand the other day. He started talking about his religious beliefs (he used to be a Druid and is now a member of a Californian sect that witters on about Love) and got himself  backed into a corner and made to say he thought rape victims were paying off their karma from previous lives. It's not what he really meant- but try being subtle when you're in your 80s and not very bright to begin with and your interviewer is not the least bit interested in anything but stitching you up.. Roache is now undergoing his own karmic adjustment. Silly Billy.

There is a reason why certain teachings are kept under wraps. Pearls before swine and all that.

Snowed In

It has been snowing all day. Up until mid-afternoon it was also thawing but then the temperature dropped below freezing and it stopped. Ailz doesn't care to go out in this weather and I have no reason to so we're effectively snowed in.

Alice skyped this us morning. She'd been meaning to go to her mother's in Brum and have her mother and her partner take Ivy off her hands for a bit but she's snowed in too- and J is away from home.  I played the xylophone for Ivy and clapped my hands and sang nursery rhymes and waved Iggle-Piggle in front of the lens and Al said this was almost as good having a baby sitter in. Ivy waved and clapped as if I were there in the room.

The birds deserted the feeders when it was spring but now that it's winter again they're back. I've seen a wren and some great tits and a pair of blackbirds and a dunnock- along with the ever-faithful pigeons and starlings and sparrows.