March 19th, 2013


Broadchurch: After Three Episodes

It's awfully slow, but that's something I rather like. Slow is how we mostly experience life.

David Tennant's character's macho persona is being held together with sellotape. I assume he's going to fall apart on us before the show's very much older.

Olivia Coleman is one of our very best actors. Simple as. Her relationship with Tennant- so very chalk and cheese ( he is a complete outsider, she is implicated in the community)  is becoming more nuanced. She just invited him to dinner en famille- because it's "what people do". That'll be an evening to remember.

A number of name actors- David Bradley, Pauline Quirke, Arthur Darvill- have been underused thus far. Part of the suspense is waiting for their big moments to arrive.

We're on the Jurassic Coast so when are there going to be fossils?


My mother's boiler is misbehaving. It overheats, then shuts down for an hour or two while it gets its breath back.  It was doing it when we were down there. The engineer put her in a new thermostat but that hasn't solved the problem. My mother is 91 and lives alone. She puts a brave face on things but...

We gave Nakisha a lift last night. We've done it before. People stare. An elderly Caucasian couple dropping a young Muslim girl off at her madrassa- that's not something you see every day.

I washed the kitchen window over the sink- inside and out- because it became opaque when the sun struck it at a certain angle. "When the sun struck it..." Yes, it's almost spring- and the sun is high enough to be clearing the tops of the buildings behind us and getting at a window that is shaded in winter. I mean to hang clothes on the line this morning. They won't dry but it's the gesture that counts. The air is still bitingly cold.