March 4th, 2013


It's Spring. Yes, It Is. Don't Argue

They used rubbish bricks to build the garden walls at the front of the house.  The frost gets to them and shears off their faces. I've just been out there, sweeping up the latest batch of flaked off debris. Call it Spring Cleaning. Some of the more exposed bricks have crumbled away to the point of no longer being there and it's in my mind to buy cement this summer and effect repairs.

Ailz is at her mother's. Dot told us frankly at the beginning of the winter that we shouldn't be surprised if she didn't get through it, but she has done and I'm proud of her.  She's still very needy, but one expects that. I remember being taught (probably by Relate) that it takes a person a clear 18 months to get out from under a bereavement- and that's assuming they want to.

The sun is shining weakly. It's still very cold outside but I've laid aside my fingerless gloves because I have faith.