March 3rd, 2013


Rochester Exposed

Rochester didn't want to be bad. None of us does. But then he was manoeuvred into doing a bad thing and that first bad thing led to other bad things- some of them worse (he was keeping Bertha in a windowless room for Chrissakes)- and now that he's been found out he's squirming in garrulous self-pity, threatening violence and making it very hard for the reader to like him.

He thinks (has thought all along) that marriage to Jane will get him out of his moral fix because she's innocent, unspoiled and if he sticks his dick in her some of that innocence is bound to rub off. Men have been thinking this of women since forever and it's the most awful shit and Jane- though he's subjecting her to a frightful emotional mauling- is having none of it.

How did Bronte get to know so much about men?