February 6th, 2013


Lost Time

cmcmck   has a meme that's proving popular.  I'm tempted to have a go but too many of the questions are about things that happen in one's teenage years and my answer to a lot of them would have to be, "Actually, I don't remember."

Have I ever been lost? I suppose I must have been. But I can't supply instances.

I dreamed about being a teenager last night. I was starting my final year at school and sitting on a high wall  thinking, "This is silly. I'm blowed if I'm going to sit exams," when a girl came and sat beside me and asked me what I'd done with my life and I skipped forward a few decades and said, "Well, I'm married and I've run a coven."

A Note On Virginia Woolf

When she's dealing with the vagaries of human consciousness- fugitive impressions, mood swings and all that sort of thing- she's masterly. When she moves away from the human- into descriptions of natural processes- she over-decorates and slips into the pathetic fallacy.  Parts 1 and 3 of To the Lighthouse are wise and lyrical and altogether wonderful. Part 2 is ghastly; if I hadn't known there was more of the good stuff coming I'd have stopped reading right there.