February 4th, 2013


So It's Almost Certainly Him

And now I'm thinking about the burial.

A rushed job by the look of it- showing at odd mixture of respect and dis-respect- no shroud, no coffin, the grave cut too small- but in a place of some prestige. Is any of that surprising? There's been a battle, authority is in flux and the town is still full of armed men- their temper and sympathies uncertain.

What's the proper thing to do? What will people praise us for doing? The body of an anointed king can't just be thrown on the dung heap. Neither do we want it to become a rallying point.  The friars say they'll take it? Fine. Let 'em have it. Get the damn thing underground before I change my mind

Did it take courage to mount that funeral? Did it happen by night? Was there anybody there that Richard would have counted as a friend?