February 3rd, 2013


Alternate Realities

I dream I'm talking to Paul McCartney about the Beatles' second album. It's called Trax if you didn't happen to know. I ask him if he was aware at the time that it marked a turning point in their career. He replies that they were living in a Hamburg boarding house and felt they'd gotten into a rut- hence the title. 

Meanwhile- in this other reality- I discover I'm being spammed in French. Classy. If I have to receive ads for cheap Cialis at least let it be in the language of Serge Gainsbourg and Roger Vadim. 

A Day And A Half Until The Big Reveal

Rewrite the history books? I don't think so. Everything that's been leaked so far simply confirms the traditional story: Here's a man with a spinal deformity who died in battle and has turned up in exactly the right place. Oddly enough the Tudor historians turn out to have been trustworthy- in so far as their record can be checked.

As for information about who Richard really was- and whether he was guilty of the crimes laid at his door, well, we'll have to go to the Akashic records for that.

Even so I'm looking forward enormously to the Channel 4 documentary. I love old bones (any old bones.)

Also (I'm not entirely sure of my reasons) I love Richard.

Reasons We Love Richard III

Well, it's mostly down to Shakespeare, isn't it? 

Firstly because his Richard is a fascinating monster and we can't get enough of him.

Secondly because we know the real man is being traduced and this makes us sorry for him and want to work for his rehabilitation.

So Richard wins both ways: (a) because Shakespeare's version of him is so brilliant and (b) because it's so unjust.