January 25th, 2013


God, It's Cold Out There

Ailz hasn't been to see her mother since Sunday. Today she plans to make the effort- and so I've been out front, chipping away at the ice on the steps with a spade then following through with salt.  The temperature is below freezing and the sky overcast with a forecast of heavy snow beginning mid-afternoon and continuing into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Oh, Well

I walked up to Tesco- in the ice and snow (at one point having to cling to a drainpipe to stop myself slipping and hitting the deck) with the intention of buying eggs for lunch. I bought veggies for the rabbits, a packet of croissants, some cream- and completely forgot about the eggs. Was my short-term memory always this bad?

I've just switched the telly on to watch Federer play Murray in the Australian Open. I was looking to bask in some cheery Antipodean sunshine but- of course- they're playing at night.