January 22nd, 2013


Another Milestone

Well that was my birthday- my 62nd. We were snowed in for it. Ailz is afraid of slipping on the ice and I'm afraid of her slipping so we don't go anywhere in these conditions if we can help it. The binmen left the rubbish uncollected so I suppose they must be afraid of slipping too.

Barack Obama got himself re-inaugurated. I saw an estimate of what it cost and you could have made several Hollywood blockbusters for the price. Prince Harry is back from Afghanistan and footage has been released in which he talks all macho and says he's killed people. Finally Michael Winner died. I remember him as a pushy boy wonder. He made over 30 movies and I don't believe I've seen a single one of them. 

Father Brown Again

Over halfway through the season I've accepted I'm not going to get much Chesterton for my buck and I'm enjoying the show for its own sake. As I said before, Father Brown has been Marpleized, but what's wrong with three-quarters of an hours worth of gentrified, countrified murder mystery on a weekday afternoon? The scenery is attractive, the performances endearing and the 50s setting is being used imaginatively. This afternoon, for instance, we had a story (spoiler coming) that dealt- among other things- with a case of supposed radiation sickness that turns out to be undiagnosed asbestosis. Nothing of Chesterton in it of course (he died halfway through the 1930s) but a neat little story in its own right.  Besides, as Ailz points out- they've gone to the trouble of getting the undergarments right. One thing they don't always get right is the ecclesiastical detail- though the episode set in the convent seems to have been written by someone who knows their hassocks from their Hail Marys. The biggest niggle for me is having Fr Brown operate out of a large, medieval parish church in the Cotswolds when- for historical reasons familiar to any moderately well-educated schoolchild- the Catholics don't possess any of those.