January 20th, 2013


Same As

I know it's turned warmer because the water in the rabbit's drinking bowl which was frozen solid last night is just a kind of snowy mush this morning but everything looks the same. The ground is still icy, the sky is still overcast.

I think that might have been a long-tailed tit eating at the fat-filled coconut shell but I didn't get to the field glasses fast enough. If it was it's a first.

A little later: Definitely a long-tailed tit. And not just one of them but four.

More Twitchery

The thrush is hunting at the back of the garden, under the holly trees, in the corner where I dump the rabbits' used straw. It stabs- digs- with its sharp little beak, making the debris fly. There'll be plenty of bugs and grubs in there. Its camouflage makes it very hard to see..