January 16th, 2013


A Little Snow Goes A Long Way

What's that?

No idea.

Sounded like a snowball hitting the front door. 


The snow almost melted away the first day, but a little remained and froze overnight and is still with us 48 hours later. People have been walking in the road because the pavements are slippy. This looks like it'll be the third day the weather has kept Ailz from visiting her mother.


First Jessops went into administration, then HMV, now Blockbusters- all within a few days.

Cameras, CDs, DVDs- three things we no longer need.

Oh Dear

In the end Ailz did go round to Dot's. And so did I. That's because Dot had slammed her thumb in the conservatory doors and all but taken the top off. We took her down to A&E and waited while she got herself patched up.