January 14th, 2013


At Last

It started snowing yesterday afternoon- and has continued- harder and softer- ever since. Right now (mid-morning) the sky is dark and full of the stuff. The temperature is above freezing but the snow is coming down faster than it can melt. Ailz has rung her mother to tell her she won't be driving round there today. 


We didn't learn much we didn't already know from Mark Lawson's interview with Patrick Moore. Patrick was old school and- like the number 11 bat he was- simply blocked all questions about his emotional life, his religious views, his politics (known to be blimpish; I think he regretted revealing them in his autobiography) and (oddly enough) whatever it was he did in the RAF during the War. When Lawson pushed him about the God thing he gave us a story about the local vicar dropping two catches off his bowling.