January 8th, 2013


Looking Back, Looking Forward

Two more new friends this morning. Isn't that great!

I've been on LJ since 2004- which makes this my tenth year. I've thought at times that I would run out of things to say but I never have. As Stevenson said,

The world is so full of a number of things
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.

I once retired from active posting for a week. Apart from holidays that's the longest I've ever been away. I was pretty shame-faced when I came trailing back.

I started out by posting five-fingered exercises. No-one was reading me so I figured I could write anything I wanted. later I worked out that I could do that even if people were reading me. That's the joy of LJ. Anything goes. It ain't one of those serious blogging sites where you build up a readership that expects you to have an agenda and stick to it. And yet it is a serious blogging site. 
I have made on-line friends and lost on-line friends. Some just went away. Others died. In my life I've loved them all. Some of  the dead have had their journals converted into on-line memorials. They're still here and I can still go read them if I want to. It reminds me of St Paul's doctrine of the communion of saints- all one big happy family in earth and heaven. OK, lets not push that one too far... 

A guy who fascinates me just deleted his journal. I hate it when that happens. No explanation, no fond last words. Just here today, gone tomorrow. Even his comments to my posts have disappeared. Bugger! maybe he'll be back. He has form...

And now LJ is the liveliest it's been in years. Hooray!  I know we won't be able to keep this momentum going but we've already made up a fair bit of lost ground. As we've always known in our hearts a crisis is good for the soul.  There's a novel by Ballard in which a guy engineers a crime wave in order to keep the community he's responsible for vibrant and on its toes. So here's to the spammers and the goons. Even our enemies are sort of our friends.