January 5th, 2013


Life In Exile

Odi rang last night. An aunt of hers has just died. She'd been talking to mourners at the wake (back in Cameroon) and it was tearing her up that she couldn't be there with them. The aunt was only 38 and probably died of AIDS- only no-one was saying that openly because of the stigma.

Daily Living

"What shall I do with my mother this afternoon?" asks Ailz. 

I say I think it's ridiculous she should feel she has to keep a perfectly fit old woman entertained on a day to day basis.  Dot needs to take more responsibility for herself. 

Ailz  doesn't disagree. Neither does Dot, actually.

I've been tidying the house. Neither of us is any good at putting things away. We take an item out of a cupboard, use it, place it on the handiest surface- and there it'll stay for months. Most of the time I simply don't notice all the clutter. This morning I was decanting salt from a nearly empty container that has been hanging around the kitchen for ages and found it had weevils in it.