December 12th, 2012

Cold And Crisp

Nakisha says our Christmas tree really lights up the street. Good. That's why we've got it in the window. She asked me about crackers- do you pull them by yourself or with a friend?- so I shared one with her. She kept the toy (she said she'd give it to Zaim- being far too grown-up for such things herself) and I kept the paper hat.

The rabbits like the cold weather. They're out in the yard now eating carrots. One of them just did that jumping on the spot thing that rabbits only do when they're happy.

It was so foggy and frosty this morning I thought-at first glance and without my specs- that we'd had snow overnight. 

Januszczak On The Dark Ages 3

An Ummayad prince had his desert bathhouse frescoed with paradisial scenes- not forgetting the naked houris. He- or someone like him- owned a brazier with naked houris at the four corners and panels in relief of people shagging. 

Think what you like of Islam. The opposite is also true. 

Al-Andalus was one of humanity's very greatest achievements. Running water, flush toilets, orange trees, astronomy. I can't hear talk of it without my eyes beginning to prickle. 

Dream Stuff

Our dreams are collages- assembled from the vast collection of materials we have squirreled away in our memories.

In recent dreams I've recognized images lifted from the latest issue of Current Archaeology and the movie version of Hair (which I last saw thirty years ago).