November 23rd, 2012

A Few Paragraphs Of Inconsequential Chatter

Ailz was taking her godmother to hospital this morning. The hospital is here in Oldham and the godmother is in Glossop- so it meant a couple of round trips of about 30 miles each- which meant an early start. I hate early starts. My brain guards against me oversleeping by making sure I wake hours before the alarm clock goes off. Sometimes (though not last nbight, thankfully)  it goes one better and decides it's safer if I don't sleep at all. 

It was a sunny morning so I washed clothes and hung them out. Then I walked to Tesco Express. I've been thinking I should try and make some money out of all the hours I spend on-line so I've signed up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. They're currently processing my application. I'm impatient to start clicking and earning cents.

Ailz's godmother gave her lunch. She did them toasted cheese- first toasting the bread in the toaster, then sprinkling on the cheese and cooking it with a blow torch. Very Heston Blumenthal.

It was raining by the time Ailz got home. I had to run out and gather the clothes and hang them up around the house.

I've just started Henning Mankell's new novel The Shadow Girls. It's about asylum seekers. I didn't expect it to be funny but it is. It has a heroine called Tea Bag.