November 18th, 2012


I had a dream with lions in it. I was riding on the back of a tricycle and the lions were walking alongside asking to be petted. They were lovely lions but I didn't altogether trust them and couldn't understand why the person who was powering the tricycle didn't get a move on.

Every Writ Is A Risk

Lord McAlpine is apparently thinking of suing Alan Davies. Alan Davies is quite popular (I think). The more people McAlpine sues the greater the chance he'll light on someone the public really likes- and the worm will turn. Or someone really articulate and clever who will hit back. Then we'll remember that Lord M isn't just a dewy-eyed old codger who has been grievously wronged but also a millionaire Thatcherite who once wrote a book about applying the principles of Machiavelli to contemporary business life. 


The British establishment- just like the Catholic church- has coddled the paedophiles in its midst. That's what they're trying to hide from us. Simple really. Hardly a secret at all. The more flak they throw up the more they draw attention to the thing they're trying to keep safe.