November 17th, 2012

Kraken: China Mieville

I'd assumed China was a woman. He isn't. He's a shaven-headed bloke who runs with the Socialist Workers Party. He's also knowledgeable about magic and theology in a bull-shitting kind of a way, highly literate and wildly, madly, surreally inventive. Kraken is good fun but also quite difficult- by which I mean that I frequently found myself having to double back and re-read a paragraph to find out what happened in it- something I expect to do with Ford Madox Ford but not with writing in the same genre as Harry Potter- which is why- I suppose- in spite of  the cinematic structure and texture of his work- China hasn't yet cracked the multiplexes. 

Frankly, The Outlook Is Grim

It's not funny that the turn-out at the elections was so low- well it is- but you know what I mean. It's funny because it's so awful. The government throws a party, it spends millions it doesn't really have on making it happen- and then no bugger shows up because no bugger cares. 

Elected Police Commissioners? Why? What's the point of them? 

The disconnect between the political class (which thinks it's really, really important to tinker with the nuts and bolts of the constitution in the middle of a global crisis) and the general public (which doesn't) gets wider and wider. The politicians no longer represent us. They live inside a bubble. They don't think like us. They don't talk like us. Boris Johnson (who is not a nice man) walks on water- getting away with scandal after cock-up after scandal-  because he looks and sounds like a regular human being. The others can't even manage that. 

The old language of left and right has long ceased to mean anything substantial. David Cameron idolizes Tony Blair who idolizes Margaret Thatcher. Our government is a continuum. The same lot have been in power for decades. Wherever change is coming from it isn't going to come from within. And you know what that means; it means national crisis, revolution, thug militias- the sort of thing that's happening right now in Greece- and who wants any of that? 


I've made a couple of curries recently. I used to follow recipes but now I just bang in what's to hand. The main thing is to have confidence.

A Legal Query

I do wonder why no-one has ever sued David Icke. The things he says about the rich and famous are blood-curdling. Is it because his targets think he sufficiently discredits himself with his theories about lizard people and the hollow moon or is it because- amidst all the  craziness- he's got hold of things they'd rather not have aired in open court? He was- let it never be forgotten- right about Jimmy Savile.