November 8th, 2012

Various Things In Brief

Ailz's mother has a cold, Ailz has a cold and I'm doing my best to avoid getting one. Echinacea is the answer. That's my belief. 

I felt fairly ropey yesterday (because I was fighting getting a cold). I suggested we had lunch in Morrisons (while we were out shopping) because I didn't feel like fixing a meal.

I keep scanning the headlines to see if Lord McAlpine is in them. 

I'm pleased about the US election. People (journalists and LJ friends) are saying the Republican Party is paying the price for signing a pact with the Christian Right. It worked for them for a while, but now demographics are against them. As someone said, America is "running out of angry white men".  That's part of the story. Also Romney was a lousy candidate. I don't think much of Obama either but at least he knows Iran has a sea coast. 

RIP Clive Dunn. A very funny man and a very decent man too by all accounts. Dad's Army wasn't particularly well written but it had the most wonderful cast. 

Ambushing The P.M.

Well done Philip Schofield!

The Prime Minister is afraid that publishing the names of establishment paedophiles might turn into "a witch hunt against people who are gay". Personally I'd have thought it more likely to turn into a witch hunt against people who are Tory- which is why I would advise him- in the interests of political balance- to instigate an inquiry into the inquiry about Dunblane.