November 7th, 2012


At first I thought Channel 4 News had taken the fateful decision, but after a minute or so of teasing it turned out the fat florid chap ambling along behind Mrs T in the archive footage wasn't He Who Must Not Be Named (Tory grandees look so alike) but Sir Peter Morrison who is dead. Morrison has already been outed as a man with a taste for teens and all Channel 4 was doing was confirming his identification as one of the gentleman who used to use the Bryn Estyn childrens home as an escort agency.

The media are clearly chafing at the restrictions that have been placed on them. If they'll can't discuss the living abuser(s) they'll make headlines out of the ones who are no longer around to issue writs.  They must be hoping (as I do) that if they keep on tap-tap-tapping away something's bound to give.


I agree with this article. We don't need more enquiries. What we need is a wide-ranging police investigation. The evidence against Freddie Starr is no stronger or weaker than that alleged against a number of honourable gentleman whose names are all over the Net, so how come he has had his collar felt and they haven't?

Visiting The Attic

I fetched an anglepoise lamp from the attic yesterday evening. It used to be my dad's. I plugged it in, switched it on (it still works, hooray!) adjusted the angle and then it fell to bits.

I don't like going into the attic; We have high ceilings, it's a steep climb, and once I'm up there I'm afraid of mis-stepping or lurching and going through that great rectangular hole in the floor. I've told Ailz the time is coming when I'm going to refuse to do it anymore.