November 6th, 2012

A Very Brief Summary

Care homes across the UK were used as brothels by a wealthy and powerful elite. That is a matter of record. New cases are surfacing all the time. The BBC local news reported yesterday that new allegations have been levelled against homes in Lancashire and Liverpool.

If you search on-line you'll find that 15 to 20 public figures have been named as paedophiles. Most of them are household names. If the ones who are still alive were arrested and put on trial it would destroy what is left of the reputation of both main political parties. The establishment has protected these men just as the Catholic Church protected its abusing priests and the BBC protected Jimmy Savile. 

In the past it was possible to stop scandals of this magnitude coming to light. Enquiries were rigged, evidence suppressed, particularly obdurate witnesses made to shut up. Decent people conspired at this-  preferring the comfort of ignorance.  But times are changing. The paedophile scandal in the Church prepared the way, the Savile affair has moved things on.  We are now more willing than ever before to believe evil of the good and great. 

That Dream Again

I opened the prayer book and found it contained an illustrated essay about killing prehistoric tortoises but definitively no orders of service. I tried other prayer books. They were all the same. I was getting desperate. An expectant congregation was waiting for me to begin saying evensong and I didn't have a text....

Alice And Ivy

I rang Alice. She said she'd been on the point of Skypeing me so I said let's Skype instead. Alice and I have this synchronicity thing going. It's cool.

Alice was wearing Ivy in a sling and Ivy was wearing a crocodile suit they'd just bought in a sale. Alice said the suit was advertised as being for boys but- wotthehell- girls can be crocodiles too!

I found that if I waved my hands about and shouted her name Ivy seemed to notice I was there. 

All The Right Noises

Cameron and May are making all the right noises, but the fear has to be that the official enquiries will function as damage limitation exercises (as they always have done in the past). That's why we need to acquaint ourselves with the allegations and keep banging on about them.

The North Wales homes are only a fragment of the whole picture. There's also Haut de la Garenne on Jersey, the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland and many others. New cases are continually coming to light. Remember the Dunblane massacre? Thomas Hamilton, the shooter, was a paedophile with connections to the higher reaches of the Labour party in Scotland. That business is very murky indeed.