October 28th, 2012

They're Giving Me Low Vibrations

I was surfing TV stations. First I watched a bit of a recent movie in which smart gringos were killing stupid, evil Mexicans. Then I watched a bit of an old movie in which a smart gringo was rescuing stupid Mexicans by killing evil gringos. Forty year difference; same old racism; same old cult of violence. Bad guy dies, good guys smirk or cheer. The guy I've been reading over the past couple of days would be talking about a low level of vibration. 

All That Glitters

They arrested Gary Glitter. Talk about "rounding up the usual suspects". Will they now be interviewing Prince Charles? He was a great mate of Savile's too. He could give them some pointers, I'm sure. Then there's Prince Andrew. He may not have known Savile (I'm not sure about that) but he was very good friends with that other noted philanthropist, Jeffrey Epstein.