October 4th, 2012

A Short Break

We had a plan to meet Alice and Ivy in Derby but Ivy is at a grizzly age and doesn't like being away from home so we went all the way to Leicester instead. Ivy likes to be sung to and prefers not to fall asleep during the day. She's got the hang of rolling over and can lie on her stomach and hold her head up.

We stayed in a Derby Travel Lodge. The bed was very hard. Yesterday morning we went and looked at the Wrights in the City Museum and Art Gallery. This is something I've wanted to do for decades. Wright is one of my favourite artists. Derby has the single greatest collection of his work anywhere- including the Lecture on the Orrery, the Alchemist and a couple of superb late landscapes. 

We drove home by country roads- as we like to do when time doesn't press. I got to stop and look at churches.