September 28th, 2012

A Morning's Work

The man from United Utilities who'd come to test our tap water for bacteria found me in my pyjamas and dressing gown. He asked if he'd got me out of bed and I said, "No, I was actually painting the spare room"- which happened to be true. Apparently United Utilities carry out this kind of testing all the time. He said water quality has improved dramatically in recent years and it was twelve months since he'd found anything nasty in our area. "That," he concluded, evangelically, "is why your water rates have been going up". 

It's not clever to paint in your nightwear. I was trying to be careful but even so I managed to dunk the hem of my dressing-gown in the paint pot and the dressing gown transferred the colour to my pyjama trousers. You think you're cutting corners but actually you're just creating work for yourself.

The spare room (formerly the rabbit room, formerly the temple, formerly Alice's bedroom) used to be a slatey green. It will now be a perkier peppermint green. The old colour (called "satyr") was from one of those ranges where you mix the colours yourself in a machine- which is great fun and very expensive. The new colour was bought on-line and is very cheap.