September 27th, 2012


Our yard is paved and the only place to grow grass for the rabbits to eat is in the flowerbed. I've been cultivating a patch for about six months now. Ailz bought the seed on line; there's plantain grass which is coarse and timothy grass which is fine; she also bought dandelion seed but that did absolutely nothing. I go check my grass several times a day. The rabbits not only eat it but also lie in it- which discourages it; I wish they wouldn't. I'd re-seed the bald spots, but I don't suppose there's much point now with winter coming on.

A Poor Crop

Dot asked us to take a look at her fruit trees this morning. Usually we get a great crop off them but not this year.  The apple tree had two apples on it, the plum tree had one tiny plum, the pear tree has done better, but not nearly as well as usual. Ailz says it's been a bad year for fruit across the country.