September 25th, 2012


Under The Weather

Ailz is feeling unwell and had a wobble in the kitchen this morning and a plate broke. She grabbed for the microwave and the plate was on top of the microwave. It was just as well she didn't pull the microwave down on top of her as well. The plate was the plate I use for my breakfast croissant and she was very contrite. "Don't worry" I said and looked in a kitchen cupboard and found another that'll do as well. All I ask of the plate from which I eat my croissant is that it be different from all the other plates we have in use. Don't ask me why; it's my humour.

I told her she wasn't going to drive round to her mother's this morning, but I think she'd already come to the same conclusion. I blame the wobble on the flu jab she had yesterday. She feels guilty about not going to her mother's because her parents instilled into her over the course of nearly 60 years that their well-being was her first concern in life. I've always disputed this but since I've only been doing it for twenty years I don't carry as much weight. 

There's a weather system hovering over us. The forecast yesterday promised us a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. 

I've been reading Don Marquis this morning. I think some of the insouciance has rubbed off. "What the h dash double l". I like Don Marquis.