September 16th, 2012

A Town Called Mercy

OK, I've made a decision. No more reviews of Dr Who unless I've got something positive to say, because there's really no point in repeating "I don't like Matt Smith" week after week, now is there?

Lunching Out

We went and had lunch with our friends Martin and Margo. Three of us are over sixty; the other isn't far behind. We compared notes on aches and pains and caring for elderly relatives. 

Margo showed us a Regency bonnet she'd made. Ailz and I tried it on. It's elegant, it's simple, it has a sun-visor, somewhere to stow your hair if you wear it long and it keeps your ears warm; in fact it's eveything you could want from a piece of headgear. The early 19th century was incapable of bad design in costume, architecture, furniture, silverware, ceramics. Then along came the Victorians...