July 20th, 2012

One Has One's Pride, You Know

The old fridge is going today (to be replaced by the shiny fridge-freezer of Ailz's dreams) so I set to yesterday afternoon and wiped it down and defrosted it. Ailz says it'll be heading straight to the dump and the crusher and I'm silly to care, but I don't want the carriers thinking me a sloven.

New White Goods

The new fridge-freezer is taller than I am. But narrow. I've never owned anything like it before. The height is one of our reasons for selecting it; Ailz can now access the salad tray without having to bend. We paid for the old fridge to be taken away, but not for the new one to be installed. I can do that myself. We've just returned from taking the packaging (and a few other things) to the tip.