June 15th, 2012

Dealing With Bereavement

Ailz spends most mornings at her mother's. They watch Homes Under the Hammer together. Dot wants a picture of Eric to hang on the wall so she'll have something to focus on when she finds herself talking to him. She's been sorting through albums and boxes but there's not much to choose from- just holiday snaps and the like, hardly anything you could call a portrait.

They were together over 60 years. She was just 15 when they first met. 

Small-minded Bureaucracy

Does a local council have the power to stop a child posting pictures of her school dinners on her blog? The one in this story thinks it does.

The blog is politely critical, charming, responsible and constructive. It has an international readership. The girl's school is supportive. Only the Council objects.

There's a certain type of jack-in-office that hates any kind of scrutiny- and never saw an independent initiative it didn't want to squash.