June 8th, 2012

Noisy Dreams

Alice rang us yesterday afternoon to say she was abandoning her plans for a "natural" childbirth and going with what the doctors said. There's been nothing since. I had noisy dreams- in one of which I was trying to take a call from her and the people around me were all talking at the tops of their voices and I was moving from room to room in a vain attempt to get away from them. 


Ivy Belle James was born at 6.20 this morning.  It was a rough road- everything Alice wanted to avoid- gas and air, epidural, forceps. Mother and daughter are bruised and battered but otherwise in good shape. There are pictures on Facebook. 

Ivy is beautiful. Yes, I know, everybody says that about their own, but the truth is some babies are, some aren't, and Ivy definitely is.

People always want to know a baby's weight- can't think why (neither can Alice) but I inquired anyway. Ivy comes in at 7lb 6 oz. 

I think I'll go pour myself a glass of wine.