May 28th, 2012

Carrying On

Dot is going through drawers and clearing out things Eric had hoarded. We have acquired two silver plated book marks, one gold-plated one, a pocket knife and other gew-gaws.

We've moved the upstairs rabbit into the yard to be with his brother. It's not clear yet whether this was a good idea or not. Outside rabbit has made it plain he's the boss and upstairs rabbit is acting very cowed. The yard should be big enough for both of them, but...

Our second bedroom has been "the rabbit room" for something like seven years. Now we've got it back. Carl has expressed a willingness to decorate it for us. 

We have an appointment to see the vicar this afternoon- the one who'll be taking the funeral. I mean to sit quietly in the corner and say as little as possible. I'm inclined to get a little edgy and antsy around the clergy, and I'd rather not let it show.