May 22nd, 2012

A Change In The Weather

Ailz spends much of every day at the bungalow, coming home to eat and sleep. I walked over yesterday morning, which takes about 15 minutes, and fetched some spare pillows down from the loft. 

The weather's turned fine again. I'm reading a book of short stories by A.S. Byatt. She's very good at light and colour.

Joe sends me an email describing Eric- his step-grandfather- as "a bear of goodwill". I like that. It's very Joe. 


So, how many of the original Elizabethans still matter to us? Well, there's Shakespeare and- erm- well- after that it gets tricky. A few playwrights and poets, an adventurer or two, a couple of composers, Dr John Dee, Francis Bacon. But it would be really difficult to come up with 60 names. In fact 20 would be pushing it. Most kinds of fame are transitory. Will any of the 60 new Elizabethans being feted on Radio 4 still be household names in another 400 years? 

Here's the list

I'll venture a guess that the well-informed person in 2412 might be expected to have heard of Hitchcock, Britten, Larkin, Lennon and McCartney, Bacon and Hockney- and that's it.