May 20th, 2012

Still Marking Time

Ailz spent much of yesterday with her parents. I don't have a role there at present so I stayed at home. Eric has been getting a lot of visitors. The district nurses and carers stop by at defined intervals. 

Stone's Fall: Ian Pears

A very clever book full of superficial verisimilitude- including much arcane but entertaining stuff about finance. 

Our financier hero- I'm trying not to give too much away here- manipulates everyone who swims around him- including the leaders of the nations of Europe - into enabling his complicated business plans, whilst remaining largely uncorrupted by his wealth and power.  His greatest sting- though hugely elaborate- never once stubs its toes against the cussedness of things in general or the unpredictability of the human animal. 

I finished it and thought, "That's almost a great novel" and then thought again and riposted, "But it's a complete pack of lies."