May 18th, 2012

Bright Eyes....

Tosh was our first rabbit. We got him- nearly seven years ago- to divert Joe from indulging himself in a snake. Tosh and Joe used to wind one another up. Joe would thump at Tosh in the manner of an aggressive male rabbit and Tosh would get his own back by hiding under Joe's bed and dashing out to attack his naked feet. Then Joe left and Tosh became all ours. He was the friendliest rabbit we've ever had. He outlived several lady companions. Over the last year his companion has been Trigonometry (the least friendly rabbit we've ever had) who was sold to us as a lady but turned out not to be. Tosh bullied him. Their relationship was punctuated by terrible scraps which Tosh mostly won. 

Tosh died last night. Goodbye, little fella. 


Ailz handed me a candy-striped pullover to put on this morning because she wants me to "be bright". Her father is coming home today (in his hospital bed)  and we'll be going over to the bungalow shortly to move furniture and lend moral support. And, no, it's not particularly good news. He's as sick as he ever was- sicker than when he went in- and all he'll be receiving is palliative care (lovely, soothing euphemism). All this seemed horribly bleak at 2 o'clock in the morning, but I've had my breakfast and it's a new day and I'm ready for what it brings.