May 17th, 2012

In Front Of The Camera

Two very slender young women drove up from London yesterday to interview us for the film about Alice's pregnancy. If ever I go on Mastermind I won't be having "My Daughter and Son-in-Law" as my chosen subject. It was a little tricky. Sometimes I was censoring myself, sometimes I was confidently pretending to knowledge I don't really have. As I said right at the beginning, as I was feeling my way, "Who knows about the inner workings of a relationship apart from the two people involved?"- to which I might have added, "And often they're all at sea". Amy and Emily shot about an hour's worth of material- a few seconds of which will end up in the finished product. I tried to talk in soundbites. After they'd run out of questions they had us doing a witchy thing with a candle. 

Because of the filming and because Ailz was feeling ragged we missed out on hospital visiting yesterday afternoon. The slender young women didn't arrive until nearly six o'clock so I got to sit in the yard and read a silly thriller.