May 3rd, 2012

What Voltaire Said

Back in the '70s a priest called John Brady, acting as an official inquisitor, subjected the victims of a paedophile priest to a detailed interrogation, swore them to silence and then dismissed them back into their parishes. The abuser-  Eugene Greene- remained in place for many more years and carried on abusing. John Brady is now Sean Brady (ah begorrah) and Primate of all Ireland. When a reporter from the BBC confronts him with questions about his part in the affair he turns to his minder for comfort then runs away.

Learn all about it here

In a way I feel for John Brady. He was a cog in a machine. Only, of course, the church is supposed to be something other than a machine and its members rather more than cogs. 

Sorry, Martin, But...

Local elections today. Our hard-working Lib-Dem Councillor came to the door soliciting my vote. I told him I couldn't vote for his party while it remained in coalition with the Tories. I imagine he has heard this before. He reacted with a verbal shrug and turned away murmuring, "Victim of circumstance".