April 29th, 2012

Alice's Blessingway

We drove down to Leicester for Alice's blessingway. It's a women's thing, so I went for a walk round the neighbourhood on a pre-planned route, taking in a bran-new Hindu temple, a medieval church and a prehistoric monolith. Then I sat in the car and read Ambrose Bierce until they called me in to eat. A film company has latched onto Alice and had sent two young women to film proceedings and conduct interviews for a documentary series about contemporary attitudes to childbirth.  My first wife was running the kitchen. This is the second time I've met her this year. We seem to get on fine. 

The Humber Stone

The Humber stone is a prehistoric monolith on the outskirts of Leicester. It used to stand over nine foot high, but an 18th c. farmer broke it or buried it (maybe both) and this is all that can be seen of it today. According to tradition the farmer never prospered after. It stands in a grassy enclosure, next to a roundabout between Thurmaston Lane and Hamilton Way near the village of Humberstone, which is named after it.