April 16th, 2012

Ai-Wei-Wei Says...

The artist Ai-Wei-Wei says censorship can never defeat the Internet. The State (any state, but he means China in particular) needs the Internet more than it has reason to fear it. If it shuts the Internet down it shuts itself off from the world and hobbles the creativity of its own people. Coming from him- with his honourable history of challenging and being slapped around by the State- I find this encouraging. 

This And That

In Sainsbury's this morning they were collecting for a local food bank. We were given a list of approved items and asked to buy one and put it in their trolley. Good idea. We contributed a carton of orange juice. It's something I'd be happy to do every time we go shopping. 

Ailz just upgraded our Internet access. We're halfway through the month and we've nearly reached our limit of 1O gbs.  As from next week (provided the engineer isn't prevented by adverse weather conditions) we'll have 40 gbs to play with at a vastly improved speed.