April 14th, 2012

Man Cannot Live By Ice Cream Alone

They were selling books in the corridor in aid of hospital funds. We bought nine between us. Today we'll take them a couple of bagfuls as a donation. Buy some, off-load some; it's a matter of domestic ecology.

Yes, we're visiting the hospital again. My father-in-law managed to stay out for just under a month. It's not clear what's wrong with him apart from general debility but it's my opinion he'd do better if he ate sensibly. Yesterday, for lunch, he turned up his nose at fish, chips and peas (though he'd presumably ordered it earlier) and ate a double portion of ice-cream instead. It's not that the hospital food is horrid- though it may be; he behaves exactly the same way at home. 

I signed up for 4oD last night. They've got 30 years of product warehoused. I watched Ricky Gervais' new comedy, an unsatisfactory documentary about past life regression which I'd seen before and Derren Brown's jolly reimagining of a Victorian seance.