February 3rd, 2012

More Trivia

In last night's best-remembered dream I was browsing over an historic battlefield (now a nicely kept lawn) picking up little chips of brightly coloured glass.

I woke up in the wolf hours and worried about things. These days I'm savvy enough to know that wolf hour anxieties dwindle in the light of day. So I told myself that and went back to sleep.

The starlings are using the rabbit's water bowl as a bath. 

A chap came round this morning to check the gas meter to make sure we weren't defrauding the supplier. Apparently people switch the pipes around so the little cogs run backwards. He was very chatty. He said we'd be having rain or snow this weekend and I said I'd prefer snow.

Reading Habits

I used to buy fine editions. Then I couldn't afford them any more.  In the last year or so I've realised I no longer need or hanker after  hard copies. All the books in the world are swarming around in the aether- new ones, old ones, very, very rare ones. Hit a few buttons and there they are at your feet- just as if you were shooting grouse.

I still own lots of books. As Virginia Woolf said (I think it was her) "books do furnish a room".

The last book I read (J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys by Andrew Birkin) was an old paperback that was coming apart at the seams. The one I'm reading at the moment (Sentimental Tommy by J.M. Barrie himself) is an e-text. I don't find any qualitative difference between    curling up with a real book and curling up with my e-reader.  After all, it's the words that matter.