November 25th, 2011

Life Is Short

I've watched the first three episodes now. Some fun was to be had from seeing Hollywood "A"listers playing monstrous versions of themselves. Otherwise...

I haven't taken offence. I think comedy is meant to bust taboos, though I don't think the taboo about mocking dwarves is one that particularly needed to be busted. Last night's show featured a drunk dwarf taking his trews down and being "sick on his own penis". And, yeah, we saw it happening. Was it funny? I guess it might have been if we hadn't become inured to this kind of boundary pushing. Life is Short comes at the end of a decade in which all the coolest comedies have been cruel- and shock tactics no longer shock. 

Another thing that's getting to be old is the comedy that pretends it's a documentary.

Finally, Warwick Davis isn't a comedian. He's channelling David Brent but without whatever it is about Ricky Gervais that made David Brent funny. His character is a monster but not an engaging monster. This isn't his fault- exactly- some people are funny, some aren't. If he were, it's possible none of the criticisms I've made would matter very much.