May 2nd, 2011

Bad Move

Odi popped by yesterday while I was talking to Mike on the webcam. (She's an Avon lady now and she was dropping off a catalogue.) I scooped Fabi up and put him on my knee and told him to wave to Mike. Instead he burrowed into my shoulder and grizzled. O bugger, so here's yet another thing he's frightened of...

The Caliphate

 Who would actually want to live under the Caliphate?

Only the sort of immature young man who needs daddy to regulate his sexual urges for him- only the odd saint.

(Though the true saint would be content to live under any regime- and wouldn't  force his political preferences on others)

Oh, and of course the busybodying types who would end up running the show.

Most people would find it irksome. Puritanism goes against the nature of the human beast.. People like a song and a dance. 

If Bin Laden was a popular hero for a time it was because he had given the West a smack, not because the people in the street  wanted to follow him back into the 7th century.
This year's revolutions have shown what it is they really want .

Cauliflower recipe

 A new way (to me) of cooking cauliflower

Break the head into florets
Spread with olive oil, mustard and parmesan cheese.

Cook in the oven for about half an hour. If you want the cheese to go a bit crunchy leave the dish uncovered.