March 30th, 2011

Odi And Peter

Peter and Odi have had their latest appeal for asylum turned down. I think this was the last appeal they were allowed. Of course, being turned down doesn't mean they'll have to leave any time soon. As far as I can make out the immigration system is a shambles. I have never understood why some people are banged up in detention camps and others- like Peter and Odi- are given houses to live in and social workers to watch over them. 

Ailz suggested they apply for work visas to one or other of the countries that are actively seeking to boost their work force through immigration. This cheered Odi up;  it had never occured to her that she could move round the globe as anything other than an asylum seeker. I did some online research. Canada looks the best bet- with over 100,000 visas granted so far this year- but Australia, New Zealand and Spain are also in the running. Peter and Odi are young, well educated and imbued with the Protestant work ethic;  why wouldn't Canada want them?

Or am I being naive?