March 18th, 2011

Teenage Bunny Hell

The two young rabbits have entered adolescence- which means they've switched from being sistas 4eva to wanting to rip one another's guts out. We've had to separate them. Apparently- according to a website Ailz was reading-  once the hormones kick in every rabbit hates every other rabbit regardless of previous history or gender. It makes one wonder how they manage in the wild. 

We're taking them to be neutered this morning. 

We've Been Labouring Under A Misapprehension


Turns out our two girly bunnies are boys. That would explain two things. 1. The friendliness. 2. The ultra-violence. Hopefully neutering will sweeten their dispositions.

The manager of the shop who sold us them as certified females has expressed his sorrow by making us a gift of some rabbit food and bedding. We didn't want to cause a stink, but we thought he ought to know.

Castration costs less than spaying- so there's an upside. 

They'll keep their names. Shally and Shaz (short for Shalimar and Sharon) are sufficiently gender-neutral.