March 16th, 2011

The Manchester Police Museum

The Manchester Police Museum is housed in the old Newton Street Police Station. it is a very old-fashioned museum, curated by retired policemen who think policing has gone to the dogs since the 1970s. It has a cell block, a tiny magistrate's court  and a powerful atmosphere of stoicism, tears and strongly sugared tea. The resident ghost is known as "Sniffer". 


Those who were supposed to know about these things assured us the Arabs weren't interested in democracy.

Those who were supposed to know about these things assured us nuclear energy was entirely safe.

The evidence all points to one simple conclusion:

Never trust an expert- especially when he's voicing opinions that serve the interests of power.

A Dispatch From Japan

My son Mike was in Tokyo when the earthquake struck. He has written about his experience here. We heard this morning that he and his girlfriend are on their way to her family home in South Korea.