March 14th, 2011

Tesco Comes To Hathershaw

Go to the top of Honeywell Lane, turn left on Ashton Rd and and the second premises on the left used to be a petrol station. It closed and the site stood empty for years; then- earlier this year-  we noticed they had the builders in and wondered what they were putting up. Now we know. It's a dinky little Tesco's with a small parking lot in front. We popped in yesterday for cheesecake and brownies and bakewell tarts. This is bad news for all the small, family-run businesses in the area, but- honestly- wouldn't  you rather shop at Tesco's given the choice? I know I would.

I remember the first modern British supermarket I ever visited. It was in Lewes, Sussex- and the year was 1980. I was overwhelmed. Everything you could possibly want under one roof, well-lit and ready to hand; aisles full of gleaming fruit and veg; space to move around in; no queuing- except at the very end; no straining to catch the assistant's eye. I raved about it for weeks, months- in fact I'm still raving now.

There's a reason supermarkets have driven the high street shops to the wall. It's because the experience of shopping in a supermarket is so very much better.