February 11th, 2011

Donatello Got There First

I liked this too, but feel bound to point out that Michelangelo- for all his obsession with dicks- wasn't actually the first renaissance artist to create an undraped, free-standing, male nude. That honour goes to Donatello. Interestingly- given the controversy that Michelangelo's statue allegedly caused when first unveiled-  there is no record of  Donatello's lissome, boyish, late Gothic David- which had been on open display in the same city for generations-  ever causing any kind of a stir. 

I suppose Donatello got edited out because he impedes narrative flow. His David was a one off, leading to nothing in particular- and it makes a better story to have brawny, art-heroical  Michelangelo (whom everyone has heard of) crash the taboo without forerunners.  

The Egyptian Revolution

Mubarak did everything he could to stay in power. He played nasty, he played nice, he sent in the heavies, he made concessions, he negotiated. The people in Tahrir Square took it all, never changed their demands and everything he threw at them broke on their resolve.  Last night he appeared in the character of father of his country, waxed sentimental over himself and said he was staying. Today he went.

Governments everywhere- of every stripe- have been reminded they exist only by permission of the people.