January 30th, 2011


If I had done the Birdwatch later in the day I'd have scored two blackbirds and two collared doves. 

I think we may also have two robins. Certainly there are two small birds of the right size. I've seen one chasing the other. Just now I picked up two robins in a sweep of my field glasses- one perched in the holly bush and the other hopping about on the ground. Only I can't be sure it wasn't the same robin. They move awfully fast.

Bingo! It's settled, I've just caught two robins side by side on the ground. 

Using A Web Cam

We installed a web cam today and I used it to talk to Mike.

It's weird to look yourself in the face and it not be a mirror image. Also weird that you can't catch your own eye; look at the screen and the eidolon's eyes are downcast. This is as close as you can ever come to seeing yourself as others see you. I have a grim, grey face. My mouth turns down.